Julie creates a space that feels safe for exploration of the self. But more importantly, she comes at it with an authenticity that allows one to be comfortable and present. I will definitely be going to her again.

M.H., Switzerland

Julie is an incredibly intuitive medium and energy healer, delivering messages so accurately and in a very compassionate and understanding way. Working with her has helped me to reconnect with the souls of my grandparents. My experience with Julie has deepened my trust and my own connection to the spiritual world. Highly recommend!

Marjorie, Belgium

I had the most wonderful experience with Julie. She connected me with my Dad and it was the most profound experience ever. I really felt my Dad's presence. Thank you for making this reunion so special Julie. I know my Dad is with me all the time now. During the reiki session with Julie, I felt held and nurtured. Julie created a space where I felt heart and accepted. After working with Julie, my life shifted. I felt activated to continue my path following satisfaction, instead of old patterns that kept me stuck. I cannot put into words how thankful I am for the mediumship and reiki session. I highly recommend Julie for reconnecting with passed loved ones and reiki. Julie is genuinely answering the call to work for spirit and it shows in her work. Thank you Julie.

Lisa, Germany

Julie arbeitet in allem was sie tut mit Herz und Seele. Ich hatte direkt das Gefühl, dass sie mich gut wahrnimmt und erfasst, indem was ich erzählte und mich beschäftigt. Julie war die erste die direkt einen Kontakt schaffte. 

Einfühlsam, vertraut und vertraulich war Julie mit ihrer ganzen Präsenz und Energie bei uns. Es ist schwierig für etwas Worte zu finden, was nicht beschreiblich ist und auch nicht in die Logik des menschlichen Verstandes passt. Was Julie mir weitergegeben hat als Nachricht, begleitet mich bis heute. Ein Auszug davon hängt auf einem Notizzettel neben meinem Schreibtisch und spendet mir Kraft Tag für Tag. 

In den ungewöhnlichsten Momenten hat Julie genau die richtige Verbindung empfangen und ich bin ihr sehr dankbar, dass sie so empfänglich dafür ist und dies an uns weitergibt. 

Danke Julie!

M.P. & B.P.

I feel so fortunate to have had reiki and multiple readings with Julie. She is a warm, compassionate, and intuitive medium who is able to make a remote reading feel incredibly personal. Julie has supported me in finding clarity and has helped to inspire me in numerous aspects of my personal and professional life. Thank you so much Julie, I look forward to our next session.

Teresa, Canada

I had my first mediumship reading with Julie and she is truly gifted. She made me feel comfortable and at ease and she was able to connect with both my parents who I have recently lost. Julie was so kind and provided a safe place for both my parents to channel through and connect with me. It was an emotional session but very healing. I highly recommend Julie and I will definitely be back for another reading in the future.

T.K., Canada

I was lucky enough to find Julie as my yoga teacher. She is a compassionate and inspiring yoga teacher, who brings a unique energy to the space. She teaches in a way that makes it accessible for everyone. Julie's classes can be challenging but are very relaxing. Would highly recommend her!

C.J., Canada

Julie is a wonderful and disciplined yoga instructor who helped me find peace and relaxation through a variety of techniques and practices. Her work incorporates meditation, and an array of poses that contributes to a mindful soul, spirit and body. I love her!

Maria B., Canada & United Kingdom

I am a 58-year-old female who has been having stomach and back issues for a couple of years now.
I have always blamed it on life stresses, but no matter what I tried I couldn’t get rid of the pain.
I went to Julie with no expectations but to be open to healing. I hadn’t really thought about what was going on in my body energetically. During the reiki session I became very aware of my stomach and back pain and I communicated that to Julie. The session concentrated on releasing those trapped emotions. After the session ended, I could not believe how much better I felt.  My stomach and back pain are still gone after 24 hours. I slept really well and continue to feel very relaxed and calm. My restless legs and arms also have calmed down about 80%.  I find Julie to be very grounded, patient, knowledgeable and so very helpful. She has the true gift of healing. I am going back for more sessions and sending my family members as well.  Thank you Julie!

Jenny S., Switzerland